hands holding up building plan to construction site

Your Resource For Green Home Engineering

Crown Jade Design & Engineering is your source for green home engineering in Colorado. We take pride in offering a variety of green building options for your home or commercial project. It’s our mission to help our customers achieve unique, affordable, and energy efficient building opportunities. We have been on the forefront of the green engineering revolution all along, and it’s been amazing to see how much the industry has grown.

We’ve enjoyed watching the green building industry get a foothold in commercial engineering projects as well. The use of sustainable, energy efficient materials in the construction industry is something we always want to watch proliferate, whether it’s in residential or commercial construction. We know that green building is the wave of the future, and we’ve been riding it all along!

Green Residential Building

We’re proud to be among companies who offer green building designs and structural engineering for residential properties. Green building is not only good for the planet, it will save you money as well. You can enjoy your new home or addition and have some peace of mind in the knowledge that the construction of your dwelling is sustainable and eco-friendly. We’re always excited to build with alternative materials, and we’re always learning more about how we can green up the construction industry.

Green Commercial Properties

Using alternative construction materials for your commercial project is just good business. Alternative building materials such as rammed earth, insulated concrete forms (ICF), tire bales, and more offer a sustainable solution for your commercial ventures. Because many of these materials can be sourced locally, you don’t have to pay to have them trucked across the planet for use in your project. And because they are designed to leave less waste than conventional construction materials, the carbon footprint for your project is diminished significantly.

Structural Engineering and More

Crown Jade Design & Engineering offers the design services of an architect along with a foundation in structural engineering plans. We work to provide everything you need for your new property or addition in terms of designing, planning, and building — all in one convenient spot. We can develop brand new architectural plans, analyze and consult on existing plans, provide structural engineering plans for your project or consult, and analyze any existing plans you may have. We offer roofing and framing inspections for those looking to remodel or update their existing homes to make sure that everything is sound and in good working order (and if not, to discuss it further with you!). We can also help plan foundations for modular homes, as they require a specifically engineered foundation.

Your Engineers in Colorado

As your structural engineers in Colorado, we work tirelessly to make sure your project meets all of the necessary building codes and specifications. You can always count on Crown Jade Design & Engineering to produce plans that are up to code and meet the ever-changing standards of the building industry in Colorado. We only create clear, detailed construction documents, including all structural and architectural plans. We are Colorado’s premier structural engineering and design firm.