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  1. 5 DIY Projects That Homeowners Can Take On

    As designers and engineers, we know a fair amount about the kinds of projects that homeowners should probably not take on by themselves. DIY projects in Fort Collins can sometimes seem simple until yo…Read More

  2. Your Resource For Green Home Engineering

    Crown Jade Design & Engineering is your source for green home engineering in Colorado. We take pride in offering a variety of green building options for your home or commercial project. It’s our…Read More

  3. 10 Ways You Can Build A Sustainable Home

    Green building is the wave of the future and with the fluctuation of heating and cooling costs, it’s the wave of the present, too. Sustainable homes can help you save on everything from construction…Read More

  4. Structural Engineer Language

    Do you want to remove a wall, open up your basement, have home inspector concerns, or any number of structural needs? When you contact a structural engineer, make sure you speak the language. Granted,…Read More

  5. Custom Green Home Plans

    In addition to benefiting the environment and the community, green building benefits the homeowner by providing water savings, energy savings and improved indoor air quality. If you are concerned with…Read More